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Our school is a dual-track elementary and junior high school. This means that two programs from Kindergarten to Grade 9, both English and French Immersion, are offered in the same school.   

English Program (K to 9)

Alberta Education guidelines for curriculum are followed in this program. The curriculum is designed to assist students achieve their individual potential. All students in this program take French as a Second Language (FSL) beginning in Grade 4. French is taught as a subject to develop communication skills and an understanding and appreciation of the culture. Our Grade 4-9 students receive at least 150 minutes of French instruction per week. The following site provides an overview of the curriculum for each grade: http://education.alberta.ca/parents/resources/express.aspx


Complementary Courses

Junior High Students have two different types of options in their timetables.

All students are in cross-graded options for a full afternoon every week on Thursdays. They can chose from a wide variety of options and experience three semestered options that run from September - November, December to March and April to June. Students chose from the following choices:


Food Studies


Activities in Science

Botany (grade 8-9 only)



Environmental and Outdoor Education

Film Studies and Photography

Robotics and Programming


***NOTE: We are very good at making sure our students receive their first option choices wherever possible; some fees do apply.


Full Year Options

  • Students in grades 7, 8, & 9 also receive a second option, with their own grade, that is taken three times a week for a 43 minute block of time. This second option runs as a full year option from September to June.
  • Band - Grade 7, 8, and 9 students may become a member of Laurier Heights’ exciting Band program. This is a full year course where students will develop musical skills, knowledge, and appreciation through learning to play an instrument in an ensemble setting. Regular field trips include opportunities to perform at various concerts and special events, an annual band camp, and attending Edmonton Symphony Orchestra education concerts.
  • Students not enrolled in Band will be enrolled in both Learn to Lead and Sports Performance, each for five months of the school year.


**** NOTE all students participate either in a mandatory French as Second Language (English students) class or a French Language Arts Class (French Immersion students)