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Child Care

Laurier Heights Out of School Care provides interest-based and child-directed care for children in a mixed-age, community setting. We facilitate the growth of children in all areas of development and support the families in our community, providing high quality care, parent resources and family support. Our team members have knowledge of child development, appropriate practice, and ethical standards.

Historical perspectives, fundamental principles, and core early childhood values guide our philosophical approach to working with children, families and the community.


  • Learn only when their well being has been guaranteed
  • Are capable, competent, curious and creative individuals who have rights
  • Acquire knowledge best by construction rather than instruction
  • Need many opportunities for hands-on, multi-sensory experiences and active exploration
  • Have potential and interest in constructing their learning, engaging in social interaction, and negotiating with everything the environment brings to them
  • Are natural researchers, as they question what they see, hypothesize solutions, predict outcomes, experiment, and reflect on their discoveries
  • Actively seek to understand the complex world in which they live
  • Are intrinsically motivated to learn and can be trusted as partners in curriculum development

Early Childhood Educators…

  • Ask questions, discover the children’s ideas, hypotheses and theories, and provide occasions for discovery and learning
  • Act as a resource for children, families, and the community
  • Document the learning process through observation
  • Value questioning, reflection, research, and adaptation
  • Co-construct knowledge and collaborate with the children
  • Create an environment to stimulate curiosity, exploration, inquiry, and self-learning
  • Respect and consider the children’s own sense of time and personal rhythm when planning and implementing experiences
  • Revisit past ideas, experiences, and projects to gain additional insight and reconstruct past understandings based on new experience and knowledge constructed in the interim
  • Facilitate a relationship among all children, parents, teachers, and the community
  • Emphasize social construction of knowledge
  • Bring together knowledge and competence from both adult and child that are equally important but different
  • Integrate the use of documentation that has several functions: to make families aware of their child’s experience and maintain family involvement; to allow educators to understand children better and to evaluate their own work, thus promoting their professional growth; to facilitate communication and exchange of ideas amongst all community members; to make children aware that their work and effort is valued; and to create an archive that traces  both the history of the program and the pleasure and process of learning  of both children and adults

          For information about Laurier Heights Out of School Care, please contact Sherri Violette.

                                   T: 780-497-1334       E: lhosc@shaw.ca