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School Profile

Laurier Heights School is committed to excellence and student success. Our school celebrates learning and education and ensures that students are respected and nurtured. We provide English and French Immersion programming for Kindergarten to Grade 9, and students in the regular program can take French as a Second Language in Grades 1 to 9.

Students from communities other than the Laurier Heights community attend our French Immersion program. Before and after school care services are available in our building.


Our Logo

In the Laurier Heights logo the two letters (L and H) are combined to create a monogram shape representing Laurier Heights. This merging of letter forms creates a shape reminiscent of columns which proudly support the school’s mascot, the lion.

The lion is depicted in a confident and proud stance, facing challenges full on with strength and conviction. This option speaks of excellence and mastery and is at once modern and classic.





Newly Renovated Spaces

We have had several renovations done at Laurier Heights.  Our library was first to be refreshed with new versatile furniture and shelving.  Then our Science and Food Labs underwent an extensive renovation.  Most recently, our gym floors were replaced!  Check out the Photo Gallery for more photos!