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Junior High Athletics

School teams enhance the physical education program and give students the opportunity to engage in a positive competitive atmosphere. Laurier Heights is a small but mighty presence in the interschool league. Students in Grades 6-9 are encouraged to come and participate in tryouts for all teams offered. We routinely have many multi-sport athletes and coaches do their best to allow student athletes to balance school sports with each other, as well as with their sporting pursuits outside of school. Limited positions are available year to year for our athletes.  As a result, yearly tryouts are held to find the young men and women with the desire to compete and represent our school with pride and respect. In addition to the individuals that make the team, we here at Laurier plan for the future and take an additional 5 athletes as prospects to interact with the team and learn what it is to be a student athlete at Laurier as well as help develop their athletic ability.  Change is inevitable and so are the needs of our school when it comes to athletics therefore our sports teams offered each year may vary. The Lions have proudly offered the following teams in the past (all dates are approximate):


Co-ed Cross Country Running (September - October)- Personal bests and participation is what this sport is all about at Laurier. We offer the opportunity to compete at a high level in cross country running and test their might against runners from other school.

Co-ed Soccer (September - October) - A unique opportunity for males and females to develop their athletic skills together in a positive and competitive environment and represent Laurier Heights on the soccer pitch.

Boys and Girls Volleyball (September - December) – Our focus is on developing individual and group play. Team members work on honing their skills and developing sportsmanship.  

Boys and Girls Basketball (December - March) - Each member of these teams can look forward to a season of learning individually and collectively.  Developing fair team play and practicing good technical basketball skills, our student athletes will compete at a high level on and test their team cooperation against other teams.

Co-ed Badminton (April - May) - We are proud to offer a chance to our student athletes to compete at a high level on our Badminton team (both boys and girls) and test their abilities in matches against players from other schools.

Co-ed Track and Field (May - June) -  From sprinting to longer distance running, and jumping and throwing events, our student athletes will improve their technique, compete at a high level in Track and Field and test their might in Edmonton Public Athletics. 

Flag Football (May - June) - We are proud to offer a chance to our student athletes to compete at a high level on our Flag Football team (both boys and girls) and test their team cooperation.

Rugby (May-June) - Our girls Rugby team provides students with the opportunity to try their hand at Rugby.


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