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Complementary Courses

Laurier Heights Junior High 2023-2023 Complementary Courses:

Art - Students will experiment with the elements of art and the principles of design to create projects though drawing, painting, mixed media, and various other forms.

Cosmetology - Students will explore topics related to Esthetics and Beauty, both for personal use and as a possible future career option. This course is intended to introduce students to and allow them space to discover for themselves basic nail care & art, haircare and basic updo’s, beginner skincare, and age-appropriate makeup application.

Drama- The major objective of this course is the acquisition of dramatic skills that will assist students in becoming successful drama students. Topics of study include, but are not limited to, characterization, movement, theatre studies, and improvisation

Environmental and Outdoor Education- This course will provide an opportunity for students to develop wilderness/environmental skills and knowledge.

Food Studies- Students will study the nature of good, and its safe preparation. They will be exposed to the many careers associated with the love of food.

Photography and Film Studies- Students will develop an appreciation for the elements of a good photograph through viewing and creating photos. An appreciate and some knowledge of the craft of film making by studying and analyzing films both modern and classic will be a focus.

 Study Skills and Learning Strategies- This course provides students with opportunities to develop skills and strategies to become more successful learners. It is designed to provide extension opportunities for junior high students to focus on their individual study skills and learning strategies. Through instruction, guided practice, ongoing feedback and self-reflection, students in this course sequence acquire and apply a range of strategies to maximize achievement in their subject areas.

 Game Strategies/Theory- Students will have the opportunity to develop multiple strategies and perspectives while participating in a variety of tabletop games. Students will learn to adapt to many different scenarios and thoughtfully solve a variety of problems. This option will allow students to work both individually and collaboratively to develop the strategies that they think are best to win. Students will also develop healthy attitudes around success and failure.

Band - Students will learn to play an instrument and perform as a member of a concert band. Students will have opportunities to play at festivals. Grade 8/9 students will have an opportunity to attend band camp