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  • Lunchroom Supervisors Needed!

    Lunchroom Supervisors Needed!

    Laurier Heights is hiring lunchroom supervisors.  If any parents or community members are interested in assisting us with lunchroom supervision either on a full-time or on-call basis, please contact the office at 780-483-5352. 

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Principal's Message

Welcome and Bienvenue to the 2018-2019 school year.  I hope you all had a fabulous summer.  I am absolutely honored to be the new principal of Laurier Heights School.  The long-standing tradition of excellence at Laurier Heights is well documented.  I believe that the health of a school is determined by its culture, and that culture is based upon a solid foundation of respectful interdependent relationships between the home, the school and the community.

I am looking forward to developing strong, trusting, mutually respectful relationships with all of Laurier Heights students and parents over the course of the 2018-2019 school year.  Collectively, as the staff members of Laurier Heights School, we appreciate that you entrust us with the educational, social, emotional and physical development of your children.

Our staff demonstrates a commitment to professional enhancement to support teaching and learning at Laurier Heights.  Our goal is to provide appropriate and challenging learning opportunities to meet the needs of all students as 21st century learners.  We are also committed to providing a safe, caring and engaging environment that is conducive to learning at the highest levels.  Personally, I see a collaborative culture that allows us to develop students as well-rounded, responsible, respectful citizens. 

In addition to an academic focus, our students have many opportunities to enhance their learning through a number of clubs, special events and a multitude of sports teams.  A great deal of pride is apparent in the overall participation and results of our students through the various leagues and tournaments.  The trophies, medals and banners that are displayed throughout our school demonstrate the passion, drive and commitment of all those involved.  Go Lions!

As we embark on this exciting year together, we are confident that with your continued support, we will experience great accomplishment and success in developing our students into the leaders of tomorrow.


Lon McMullen




School Administration

Lon McMullen - Principal

Tammy Trevor - Assistant Principal

Lauren Toma - Administrative Assistant

Ann-Marie Brown - Administrative Assistant

Teaching Faculty

Linda Kowalyk - English Kindergarten

Olivia Simpkin - French Immersion Kindergarten

Marie-Claire Deom - Kindergarten, Music and French Immersion Grade 3

Jessica Montgomerie - French Immersion Grade 1

Noorena Ackbar - French Immersion Grade 1

Angeie Zuber - English Grade 1 / 2

Janelle Pinkoski - French Immersion Grade 2

Serena Ross - French Immersion Grade 2

Guy Beaudoin - French Immersion Grade 3 and FLA 7

Sarah Radom - French Immersion Grade 3

Nicole French - English Grade 3 / 4

Jane Rempel - French Immersion Grade 4

Sarah Williams - French Immersion Grade 4 / 5 and Music 4 & 4 / 5

Dianne Killips - French Immersion Grade 5

Elizabeth Long - English Grade 5 / 6, FSL 3-4

Brant Day - French Immersion Grade 6

Shaylee Boucher - French Immersion Grade 6

Maia Saraeva - Music K- 6 and Band 7-9

Stephanie Afaganis - French as a Second Language 7-9 / Science 7-8 / Learn to Lead & Sports Performance 7

Brittany Babela - PE 7 / Social Studies 7-9 / Drama / Sports Performance 7

Alisha Bate - ELA 7-8 / Art 7-9 / Art 3 & 5-6

Chantal Boucher - Science 7 / Math 7-8 / Discovery

Noelle Goudreau - Science 7-8 / FSL 7-9  / PE and Health 3 / PE 4-5 and 5-6

Veronique Mayer - Math 8-9 / Learn to Lead & Sports Performance 9 / Outdoor Ed 7-9

Francis Mayrand - Social Studies 7-9 / PE 7-9 / Foods 7-9

Michael Skoreyko - French Language Arts 7-8 / Social Studies 7 / PE 7 / Sports Performance 8 /  Film & Photography 7-9

Brady Spencer - French Language Arts 9 / Science 8-9 / Technology / Robotics & Programming 7-9

Support Staff

R. Miller - Library Technician

Suzanne Vaughan - Educational Assistant

Claudine Charlery - Educational Assistant

Jessica Sologard   - Educational Assistant

Custodial Staff

 - Head Custodian

Yi Lin Quan - Custodian

Parwin Burch - Custodial Assistant



Kindergarten Open House

Join us at our French Immersion and English Kindergarten Open House on February 7th, 2019 at 7:00 pm in the large gym.

We invite you to visit our Kindergarten classes, meet our Kindergarten teachers and learn more about our wonderful school and programs! If you can not make this date, please join us on March 13th for our K-9 Open House.

French Immersion and English Kindergarten Registration begins on February 4th, 2019. Please see the Registration page for more information.