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Our school is a dual-track elementary and junior high school. This means that two programs from Kindergarten to Grade 9, both English and French Immersion, are offered in the same school.   

English Program (K to 9)

Alberta Education guidelines for curriculum are followed in this program. The curriculum is designed to assist students achieve their individual potential. All students in this program take French as a Second Language (FSL) beginning in Grade 4. French is taught as a subject to develop communication skills and an understanding and appreciation of the culture. Our Grade 4-9 students receive at least 150 minutes of French instruction per week. The following site provides an overview of the curriculum for each grade: http://education.alberta.ca/parents/resources/express.aspx

Complementary Courses

Junior High Students have two options in their timetables. All students are in cross-graded options for a full afternoon every week on Wednesdays. They can chose from a wide variety of options and experience two semestered options that run from September - January and then from February - June. Students chose from the following choices:



  • Grade 7, 8, and 9 students may become a member of Laurier Heights’ exciting Band program. This is a full year course where students will develop musical skills, knowledge, and appreciation through learning to play an instrument in an ensemble setting. Regular field trips include opportunities to perform at various concerts and special events, an annual band camp, and attending Edmonton Symphony Orchestra education concerts.
  • Jazz band is an extra-curricular option, open to band students only. 

Student Leadership

(May be taken once in your Junior High years)

  • Many facets of leadership are increasingly impacting students' lives in junior high. Awareness of political and government, parental, school or sport leaders, and developing self-leadership are a few of the influences on the development of adolescents.
  • Learning to Lead 8 and 9 allows students to study leadership to better understand the concept of leadership through a comparison of basic theories and styles of leadership in preparation for future career and life roles.

Food Studies

  • Students will develop an appreciation for: the nature of food, nutrition and health, management, safety, and sanitation and equipment, preparation of food, presentation and service, consumerism/food selection, multicultural aspects of food, and food ecology. (There is a cost associated with this option).




Note: students in grade 9 may take Drama or Comm Media  

The major objectives covered in Drama are:

  • acquire a knowledge of self and others through participation in, and reflection on dramatic experience.
  • to develop competency in communication skills and exploration of various dramatic disciplines.
  • to develop an appreciation for drama and theatre as a process and an art form. 

Drama is used throughout the programs offered at Laurier Heights - choral speech, reader's theatre, puppetry, role-plays and much more. Drama is used to help meet the learning needs of all students from kindergarten to Grade 9.

Visiting drama groups such as Concrete Theatre or performers from Parks in the Classroom have enriched health themes and science programs and often include student participation.

Environmental Outdoor Education

  • This course will provide an opportunity for students to learn wilderness survival and leadership skills that support caring for the environment in which we live. There will be a charge for field trips which are incorporated into the course.


  • This course provides opportunities for students to investigate and develop knowledge and skills related to the building and manufacturing trades and occupations. Students learn to recognize how these competencies apply in their personal lives, as well as in making informed choices related to careers, gainful employment and/or further study. (There is a cost associated with this option).


  • This is a studio-based class designed to allow students time to explore and express their creativity through visual arts. 
  • The class will learn how to look at their surroundings, how to communicate their ideas and how to express meaning through their artwork. In this course exploration of a number of different 2D and 3D concepts and processes using traditional and alternative materials and mediums will take place. If you love to creatively interpret the world through art, this is the place for you! (There is a cost associated with this course).

****NOTE: We are very good at making sure our students receive their first option choices wherever possible; some fees do apply.

  • Students in grades 7, 8, & 9 also receive a second option, with their own grade, that is taken three times a week for a 43 minute block of time. This second option runs as a full year option from September to June.

Grade 7 -  a choice between BAND and MULTISPORT

Grade 8 - a choice between BAND and MULTISPORT

Grade 9 - a choice between BAND and DRAMA

**** NOTE all students participate either in a mandatory French as Second Language (English students) class or a French Language Arts Class ( French Immersion students)