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  • Run Raiser 2017

    Run Raiser 2017

    RUNRAISER 2017 #Sprint4Sports was a fantastic success.  Thank you everyone for your participations and contributions!  Keep an eye out for the 2018 edition at the end of this school year.  The funds raised went towards sports equipment and activities.


    The Runraiser is the year-end celebration and major fundraiser for Laurier Heights School. The fundraiser is a run-a-thon for elementary students and spin-a-thon for the Junior High students.  

    Our goal is to raise $30,000 for sports programming at the school and we need everyone’s help to achieve it! 


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Principal's Message

Welcome and Bienvenue to a promising year at École Laurier Heights School.

It is my pleasure to welcome new and returning students and their families to Laurier Heights. I am proud and honoured to be the principal of this very fine learning community with a strong reputation for academic excellence and student behaviour. We continue to build and earn the trust of families in a safe and caring learning environment that promotes intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth. Our K-9 environment fosters student leadership, mutual respect, modeling of excellent citizenship and acceptance of all students. Laurier students demonstrate a responsible and cooperative attitude which is most evident in the manner they respond to the challenge of high expectations we hold for their academics and behaviour.

Our staff demonstrates a commitment to professional enhancement to support teaching and learning at Laurier Heights. Our goal is to provide appropriate and challenging learning opportunities to meet the needs of all students as 21st century learners.

In addition to an academic focus, our students have many opportunities to enhance their learning through a number of clubs, special events and multitude of sports teams. A great deal of pride is apparent in the overall participation and results of our students through the various leagues and tournaments. The trophies, medals, and banners that are displayed throughout our school demonstrates the passion, drive and commitment of all those involved. Go Lions!

A successful education is a shared responsibility between home and school. Learners benefit from a dedicated and supportive team of teachers, support staff, students, parents/guardians and community members. Ongoing communication is an integral component for the success of any partnership. Parents/guardians play a key role in their children developing the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to be productive and successful learners.  We welcome your ideas, support, feedback, and involvement throughout the year.  The active involvement of our parents through volunteerism and PAC/PAL has indeed contributed to the success of Laurier Heights. As always, your voice is important and we appreciate your input.

Our enthusiastic and hardworking team looks forward to working closely with you and providing the absolute best education for your child/ren. As we embark on this exciting year together, we are confident that with your continued support, we will experience great accomplishment and success in developing our students as the leaders of tomorrow.

Your partner in education,

Mrs. Tiziana Fiorillo, M. Ed.


“Each child is a gift, and each child has gifts. What is exciting is the opportunity we adults have to help them find, nurture, and unleash those gifts, to inspire greatness- primary greatness.”   Dr. Stephen R. Covey                            




School Administration

Tiziana Fiorillo - Principal

Tammy Trevor - Assistant Principal

Lauren Toma - Administrative Assistant

Ann-Marie Brown - Administrative Assistant

Rheagan Miller - Library Technician

Suzanne Vaughan - Educational Assistant

Teaching Faculty

Linda Kowalyk - English Kindergarten

Olivia Simpkin - French Immersion Kindergarten

Jessica Montgomerie - French Immersion Grade 1

Noorena Ackbar - French Immersion Grade 1

Angeie Zuber - English Grade 1 / 2

Janelle Pinkoski - French Immersion Grade 2

Leigh Easton - French Immersion Grade 2

Samantha Straub - French Immersion Grade 3

Heather Hunter-Moffatt - French Immersion Grade 3 / 4

Nicole French - English Grade 3 / 4

Jane Rempel - French Immersion Grade 4

Dianne Killips - French Immersion Grade 5

Sarah Radom - French Immersion Grade 5 / 6

Holly Tree - English Grade 5 / 6 and Music

Pierre Ndikuryayo - French Immersion Grade 6

Maia Saraeva - Music K- 6 and Band 7-9

Shaun Adamson - PE / Social Studies / Outdoor Ed / Sports Performance 7-9

Chantal Boucher - Science and Math 7-8 / Science Activities / Botany

Francis Mayrand - Social Studies / PE / Foods 7-9

Geraldine Melzi - English Language Arts 7-9

Ali Prince - Math / Learn to Lead 8-9 / Dance / Art 7-9

Michael Skoreyko - French Language Arts / Social Studies / Film & Photography 7-9

Darylle So - French Language Arts / English Language Arts / French as a Second Language / Learn to Lead 7 / Drama 7-9

Brady Spencer - Science 8-9 / Technology / Robotics & Programming 7-9

Tammy Trevor - English Language Arts

Custodial Staff

Edwin Soriano - Head Custodian

Anabell Villa - Custodial Assistant